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Manual or semi-automatic tempering plants

Manual or Semi-Automatic Tempering Plants for Hardening in Protective Gas with Subsequent Quenching outside the Furnace

Semi-automatic annealing plant with retort furnace NR 50/11 and water quenching bath on rails

NR 50/11 with charging rack for manual removal at high temperatures for quenching in an external bath

Processes such as hardening of titanium or hardening/carburization, carburizing of steel, which require a controlled gas atmosphere with a subsequent quenching process, can be carried out with protective gas quenching and tempering plants. Such a system consists of a hot-wall retort furnace and an external quenching bath. Depending on the arrangement and design of the components, quenching delay times of up to 10 seconds can be achieved, so that the components are exposed to air for a short time only. Chamber retort furnaces or pit-type retort furnaces can be offered for heavy components, where the batch is removed by crane after heat treatment and transferred to the quenching bath. Depending on the requirements, the degree of automation can range from a purely manual version to a fully automated system with manipulator. The quenching medium shall be selected taking into account the material to be treated and may be water, polymer, oil or a salt. Additional equipment required for the process, such as cooling or heating or circulation of the medium, can be offered as well. In a manual quenching and tempering plant, the process control is carried out by means of a Nabertherm controller. For more complex requirements, the controller is replaced by a PLC control. Process documentation in accordance with current standards such as the AMS 2750 E (NADCAP) is also possible.