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Forced convection pit-type retort furnaces up to 850 °C

Forced Convection Pit-Type Retort Furnaces up to 850 °C

Pit-type furnace SAL 30/65 with alternating retort for defined inert gas atmosphere and two retort cooling stations

Retort with vacuum and protective gas line, cooling water connections as well as thermocouples and pressure sensors

Cooling station without forced cooling with exchangeable retort

The forced convection pit-type furnaces of the SAL series (technical data see page 48) can be upgraded by the use of gas tight retorts for processes with defined atmospheres. These systems are very well suited for the heat treatment of bulk materials. By means of an additional retort and cooling station, the retort can be removed after completion of the heat treatment process and cooled in a cooling station. In the case of sensitive components, further flushing with protective gas can also be carried out during the cooling phase. The cooling station can be designed with or without forced cooling by means of a powerful fan. When equipped with a vacuum pump, the retort is evacuated outside the furnace in cold state and then flushed with protective gas. This procedure is particularly suitable for heat treatment of bulk solids as well as for non-ferrous and precious metals. Residual oxygen is much better and faster removed by means of pre-evacuation. Up to a maximum working temperature of 600 °C, the furnaces can also be operated under vacuum by connecting a vacuum pump depending on the type of pump, a vacuum of up to 10‑5 mbar can be achieved. The furnaces can be equipped with gas supply systems for non-flammable protective and reaction gases, as described on pages 52 - 53. A gas supply system for operation under hydrogen, including safety technology, is also available as an additional equipment.