Thermal Process Technology /
Hardening Oil, Quench Water Additive, Detergent, Insulating Materials

Hardening Oil

Hardening oil
  • Suitable for most tooling steels
  • Thermo-chemically stabile and low misting
  • Unlimited service life under normal use
  • For mild quenching in critical martensite range
  • Durixol W 25 w, can be cleaned using water
Article no.DescriptionContainer
491000140Durixol W 2550 l barrel
491000161Durixol W 25200 l barrel
491000240Durixol W 25 w50 l barrel

Quench Water Additive

  • For even and rapid water hardening
  • For water temperatures to 70  °C, thus reducing risk of cracks and deformation
Article no.DescriptionContainer
491050200Hydrodur GF50 kg sack


Detergent in canister
  • Cleaning addditives increase the was time of the water and reduce costs
  • Minimizes oil traces on workpieces and fumes during tempering
Article no.DescriptionContainer
493000016Feroclean N-SF 10 kg canister
493000014Feroclean N-SF 30 kg canister
493000017Feroclean N-SF 50 kg barrel

Insulating Materials

  • Formable ceramic-based paste to seal annealing boxes
  • Also suitable for covering workpiece parts not requiring hardening
Article no.DescriptionContainer
491000120Lenit heat-resistant putty19 kg