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Nitriding Powder and Activator

Nitriding Powder and Activator

Nitriding powder
  • Workpieces are placed into an annealing box together with the nitriding powder and activator and the lid is closed and sealed
  • Powder nitriding causes a thin cover layer to form against friction wear and fatigue resistance is substantially increased
  • At approx. 550 °C an extremely thick cover layer forms (up to 1000 HV) which covers the hardened steel or the carburized edge layer. The activator improves process conditions.
  • The process duration at 550 °C is at least 10 hrs
  • For all steels and cast iron, such as hot work steel matrices, injection molding dies, wear parts and machine components
  • Anti-nitriding paste to protect areas which should not be processed
Article no.DescriptionContainer
491010250Nitriding powder100 kg
491010150Activator35 kg
491010100Activator 5 kg
491003000Anti-nitriding paste 2 kg