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Vacuum Pump

Gas Feed Fitting with Solenoid Valve

  • Solenoid valve mounted on the furnace, controlled using the controller "Extra" function
  • Connection: screw connection for bottle
  • Exit: hose connection (inner diameter 9 mm)
  • 200 bar intake pressure, 4 bar outlet pressure
  • Incl. 4 m connecting hose to the furnace
  • Available only in combination with furnace or switchgear
Article no.Type of gasFlow rate
631000379Ar0 - 30
631000380N20 - 30
631000381Non-flammable forming gas0 - 30
Alternative connection threads on request

Automatic gas supply system for two flushing quantities

Automatic Gas Supply System for two different Flushing Quantities, e.g. high Volume Preflushing and low Volume for ongoing Operation

  • Switching system with 3-step switch for gas inlet Off/Manual/Automatic via "Extra" function of respective controller, timer for switching from large gas quantity to small gas quantity. Gas feed stops at when program quits
  • Automatic gas feed panel with pressure reducer, two adjustable flow meters and two solenoid valves, preinstalled conduit and wiring attached to furnace from the side on an assembly plate.
    • Connection: hose connection (inner diameter 9 mm)
    • Exit: hose connection (inner diameter 9 mm)
    • Max. 10 bar intake pressure, max. 300 mbar outlet pressure
    • Incl. connecting hose between furnace and protective gas box or gas connection
    • Available only in combination with furnace or switchgear
Article no.Type of gasFlow rate
631000316Ar4 - 80
631000200N24 - 80
631000315Non-flammable forming gas4 - 80

Vacuum Pump

Vacuum pump

Oil sealed rotary vane vacuum pump for universal use within the low vacuum range. Highly compact and low noise construction. Manometer included in delivery.

  • Sliding vane rotary pump with sucking capacity of max. 16 m³/h
  • 0,5 mbar absolute
  • Connection hose made of stainless steel 2000 mm
  • Connector KF16
  • Manometer (-1/0.6 bar)
Article no.Outer dimensions in mmConnections on suction sideConnectedSupplyNominal suction powerSuction capacity
 WDH  loadvoltage*m3 hm3 h-l
6014030572803152003/4"1/2" inner thread0.55 kW230 V1615
*Article no. for other possible supply voltages on request